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Chime Social Enterprise provides NHS audiology services for NHS Devon - Mid, East, and Exeter areas. We are able to offer hearing tests for adults and children of all ages, hearing aid services, balance, tinnitus, and hearing therapies in each of our 16 locations. Whilst NHS funded hearing tests and hearing aids are available, all accessories that connect digital hearing aids to TV’s and other devices that boost hearing into the hearing aid can be purchased and form the basis of products that can be supported via the Chime Hearing Foundation to people that cannot afford such devices.

The main types of product are listed below:


Telephone accessories

There is a wide range of corded and cordless telephones with amplified sound that can be streamed into digital hearing aids, so you can be sure to always hear and answer the phone.


Conversation listeners

We all can identify with being in noisy restaurants and bars with family and friends, struggling to keep in the conversation. Accessories are available that link up discreetly to your hearing aids and cleverly filter out background noise and enhance the speech so you get to hear the conversations with total clarity directly into your hearing aids. Small, lightweight and fitting in a pocket or placed on the table, these devices really boost conversation and confidence for all.


TV accessories

Programmed for superb sound a d compatible with all TV’s, devices like Streamline TV take the audio from your television and feed it directly into your hearing aids, so they act like a pair of personalised headphones. Volume adjustments are easy and controls are independent of other TV viewers so everyone can enjoy the TV together.

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